Friday, May 21, 2010

Aging in Isolation

I recently journeyed to Co. Clare, Ireland with Justin Weiler and John Murillo to explore the effects of aging in isolation and how the community is combating this problem. Kathleen Ryan was one of the older people we interviewed. She has lived alone in a small house for two and a half years since her husband went to live in a nursing home. He past away a few months ago and now it is just her.

Some of the biggest challenges she faces revolve around getting food and social stimulation. The local Family Resource Center that helps her get groceries and attend weekly social functions of tea and learning opportunities is facing budget cuts and may soon not be able to help her with these things. Without them it will cost her 35 Euro ($50) to get a taxi to do just about anything as there are no buses where she lives.

Kathleen was one of many older people facing this isolation in Co. Clare and all over the world. Discarding the stories and wisdom of the older generations is not unique to any one place and is one of the biggest cultural mistakes of our day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aishling + Paul Maloney

Aishling and Paul were married in Spanish Point, Co. Clare Ireland on May 15th. I flew out to document the week with my teammates Justin Weiler and John Murillo. Here are two quiet moments from a loud week of music and laughter that the short film we shot will reflect. Edits coming soon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ireland Update

Half way through the Ireland adventure and it has been great thus far. We have been filming loads of footage and have two more big days coming up. Interviews tomorrow and a wedding on Saturday. Found some time to return to my roots and create these two still images. The poet, Padraig Huagh and the seashore in Galway. Enjoy the journey.