Monday, February 23, 2009

President Obama

I photographed then Sen. Obama at a large fundraising event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco Ca. last year. It was the largest in history of it's kind to date. He gave a great speech, got paid, and left happy on his way to becoming our President.

Many Styles

Editorial and documentary portraiture are the foundation of what I do and the foundation of photography.

They are the first thing that people grab when they are running out of their burning home. They are your best memory of your best friend. They inspire the most human of emotional responses and serve the most important of anthropological studies.

They are my passion in photography. Many more at:


All I can say is I was never a fan until I saw it live. A MUST SEE! From little Lucha Libre to 400 lb. giants Fog City Wrestling is entertainment at it's best. More at:

Hawaii: America's Timeshare

Hawaii isn't all palm trees, pineapple plantations, and pleasures. The beauty there is hard to see past but once you see the real skyline of America's Timeshare you too will weep for a lost paradise. More at:

Adam + Laura

Adam and Laura were married at the private family estate in Carmel. More at:

Mike + Raquel

Mike + Raquel were married at the Carmel Valley Ranch. More images at:

Fighter Portraits

"What! You mean you could have been shooting all the fights with your camera pressed against the cage and you just hung out in the locker room instead?!"

Yes. See images for details.


An epic battle between Marcus Gaines and Eric Lawson. More at:

SF Culture

I photographed these during an Alley Party in the Mission. More at:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Archana + Ciaran

Archana + Ciaran were married at the Swedenbourgian Church in SF, Ca. More images at:

Blair + Shawn

Blair and Shawn were married at Pasadera in Monterey, Ca. More images at:

Nate + Natalia

Nate + Natalia's wedding in Carmel Valley, Ca. More images at:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Old Skool Cafe

The Ladies and Gentlemen of Old Skool Cafe. The OCS is a youth run supper club where at risk youth receive direction in learning life changing skills and confidence. Check them out and get involved at

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tornado Rider Band

From an editorial shoot with Tornado Rider. These guys rock out and you can check them out at:

1. Rushad and the Riders Scott and Graham at Ocean Beach SF, Ca.
2. Tornado Rider being of life in the Bison Land of Golden Gate Park
3. Rushad in his urban land of 'Snee' SF, Ca.

More images at:

Jolene Rust

An editorial shoot with Jolene Rust. She is a rare beauty and has a voice to match. Jolene recently performed with Micheal Franti and Spearhead at the newly renovated Fox Theatre in San Francisco.

Eva Sinotte

An editorial shoot with Eva. Nothing like hanging off a ledge at 7am on a brisk winter morning in SF for a good photo. Eva is a talented actress in LA and has worked on multiple fun projects including the ABC show Ugly Betty and the Oscars.

My First Love

Growing up along the California coastline I fell in love with the places where the land meets the sea more than anything else in my world. Where the crisp water slides across the shifting sand whisking it away to it's infinitely temporary resting place. Where no shells are needed.

I remember rolling down the Ocean Avenue dune in Carmel and family outings to Monterey Beach as a child. When I got my drivers license I would cruise by the beach religiously before high school and park at 8th St. to watch the swell roll in. I have countless memories of perfect moments that all revolve around the sea. I lived in Hawaii for 6 months last year and surfed almost everyday. Sunsets that melted the sky as my friends and I go silent in awe have been a staple of my happiness. Sometimes when I am in the ocean I laugh at how all encompassing and absolutely impressive it is.

The ocean has always been the love of my life and for 8 months I have neglected it. Somehow I did not surfed, bodyboarded, or swim in the ocean once in 11/12 months in 2008. Because of my current long distance relationship with the ocean I have discovered other passions in life that have distracted me from the sea (nothing like swing dancing though). Over the years photography, cycling, and the ukulele have all become affairs of mine. I love them all but they are no substitute.

I do not want to ignore her any longer or find other things to distract me from this passion. I want to experience the ocean everyday. To wake up to her and let her rock me to sleep.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Early Start

The crew was painting this truck when this kid strolled past with his family. The kid couldn't stop looking at the artist painting. In his youthful curiosity he asked if we knew who's truck it was and if it was ok to do? Seeing as he was with his family I told him that normally it is not ok but we know who owns the truck so it is cool. His mother interrupted me and said, "Don't tell him it is not ok!" So the guys asked him if he would like to try. His eyes lit up like he was about to ride a roller coaster as he asked, "Can I Mom?!" She simply said, "Of course," and off he went with the classic double hand style with mad thumb control.